In late November 2022, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT made headlines worldwide, sparking much opposition to the technology. However, despite the initial pushback, the technology has continued to gain traction and see growing implementations. The latest example of this is the integration of ChatGPT into Binance Academy, the education platform of cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain developer Binance.

On April 24, Binance announced the launch of its new AI-driven tool, the Binance Sensei, which uses machine learning to source answers from Binance Academy’s education platform to help users answer questions related to Web3. The tool is essentially an “AI-powered mentor” that users prompt with a specific question or keywords. In response, the Sensei provides a “concise, approximately 150-word summary” for each user.

Although the news has been received positively by many in the Binance community, some have questioned the idea of “allowing a robot to be our teacher.” The integration of AI in education has sparked concerns about the potential misuse of the technology.

Binance Sensei is not the first AI-based learning tool to be implemented in the cryptocurrency space. Industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba have all announced their own versions of ChatGPT. The technology is also finding a role in bringing more efficiency to the memecoin community.

However, the adoption of AI in various industries has also led to an increase in concern over the technology’s capabilities if left unchecked. Italy was one of the early adopters of a brief ban on the usage of the technology, while regulators across the European Union have decided to probe the AI-algorithms of BigTech companies.

Industry insiders speculate that there may be an upcoming regulatory crackdown on AI as it becomes more pervasive. In China, for instance, authorities are set to enforce mandatory security reviews for all AI services in the country.

In conclusion, the integration of AI chatbot ChatGPT into Binance Academy is another example of the increasing use of AI in various industries, including cryptocurrency. While the technology may provide many benefits, it is important to consider its potential consequences and regulate its use to prevent misuse.

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